Unleashing revenue growth when scaling – Roland Siebelink, CEO at Mid Stage Institute
The Cybersecurity Go-To-Market PodcastApril 23, 202400:38:4826.7 MB

Unleashing revenue growth when scaling – Roland Siebelink, CEO at Mid Stage Institute

Are you struggling to align your cybersecurity product with the market's demands? Do day-to-day disagreements in your team hinder overall progress? Are you pondering how to grow sales without diluting your company's focus or overspending? 

These common issues can be pivotal in either propelling a cybersecurity startup to success or leading it to an untimely plateau. This episode of the Cybersecurity Go-To-M Podcast, featuring Roland Siebelink, dives into the nuanced strategies of scaling a tech business effectively.

In this conversation, we discuss:

👉 The critical balance between growth and cost-efficient scaling in tech startups.

👉 Prioritizing core business and customer satisfaction over rapid diversification.

👉 Different perspectives on making team decisions.

About our guest

Roland Siebelink, founder, and CEO of the Mid Stage Institute, is a seasoned entrepreneur, having scaled three companies to unicorn status. His expertise lies in guiding tech companies from the delicate stage of finding product-market fit to scaling effectively and sustainably. With his extensive background in market testing and building competitive sales teams, Roland offers invaluable insights to cybersecurity startups looking to leap from Series A to market dominance.


In this episode, Roland Siebelink shares his wisdom on fostering strong team dynamics, investing in go-to-market strategies, and scaling with precision. He discusses the crucial aspects of sales, marketing, and customer success vital to cybersecurity startups. Stay until the end for Roland's personal journey anecdotes that shaped his approach to business. Make sure to **listen in for actionable advice that can drive your company's revenue growth.**

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