How to adapt to the new cybersecurity buying landscape
The Cybersecurity Go-To-Market PodcastMarch 26, 202400:47:1432.49 MB

How to adapt to the new cybersecurity buying landscape

In this episode, Andrew interviews Alan Sanderson, a fractional sales leader with over 25 years of experience in software sales and sales leadership. They discuss the changing buyer's journey in the cybersecurity industry and the importance of an online presence. They also explore strategies for building personal pipelines, crafting value-based messages, and capturing and communicating business value. Additionally, they highlight the need for collaboration between sales and marketing teams and discuss how cybersecurity startups can stand out in a crowded market. The conversation explores various aspects of sales and marketing in the cybersecurity industry. It discusses the importance of getting attention in the market, the evolution of the market, the impact on sales teams, the changing buyer's journey, qualification and discovery, the emotional side of buying, and being disruptive in sales.


  • Having someone in the organization who can be a loud and compelling voice is crucial for getting attention in the market.
  • The success of a new approach or service often relies on the initial customers and evangelists who can vouch for its value.
  • Sales teams need to adapt to the changing buyer's journey and the increased scrutiny on deals.
  • Qualification and discovery are essential in understanding the customer's pain points and desired outcomes.
  • Understanding the emotional impact of a solution and asking impactful questions can differentiate a seller and build credibility.
  • Being disruptive in sales means asking tough questions and being different from other vendors.

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