3 Big Decisions that Shaped the Silverfort of Today with Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder
The Cybersecurity Go-To-Market PodcastDecember 12, 2023
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3 Big Decisions that Shaped the Silverfort of Today with Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder

**Thought-Provoking Questions:**

- How can investing in your employees during challenging times impact your company's long-term success?

- What key decisions have shaped your company's direction, and how have they contributed to your revenue growth?

- Are you prioritizing long-term partnerships in building your sales channels, and what challenges have you faced in doing so?

**In this conversation, we discuss:**

πŸ‘‰ Investing in employees during challenging times to foster loyalty and ownership.

πŸ‘‰ Key decisions that shaped Silverfort's direction, including their unique approach to the market.

πŸ‘‰ The importance of long-term partnership strategies in building sales channels.

**About our guest:**

Hed Kovetz is the CEO and co-founder of Silverfort, a cybersecurity company. He emphasizes the significance of investing in employees and shares insights into the key decisions that have shaped Silverfort's direction, contributing to its revenue growth.


In this episode, Hed Kovetz, CEO of Silverfort, discusses the impact of investing in employees, key decisions shaping the company's direction, and the importance of long-term partnership strategies. Gain valuable insights into nurturing company culture and strategic decision-making. Tune in and learn how to grow your cybersecurity sales and revenue faster.

Connect with Hed Kovetz on LinkedIn and learn more about Silverfort on their company webpage(Silverfort).

Book some time to further discuss cybersecurity sales strategies [here](meeting-link).

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